Due to the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic, health systems are running out of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and working to make their medical equipment go further.

The team at Covid Skunkworks exists to empower your community to build the necessary PPE and devices in your local schools, shops, and garages.

We provide the instructions for organizing the team, creating the prints, assembling the parts, sanitizing the equipment, delivering to the front lines, safe medical implementation, and recommendations for reuse.


The support of your local health system cannot be done from a single garage. It will require dozens, and even hundreds, of local makers churning out parts every single day for months.

This is a logistical challenge that must be organized properly from the start. Don’t worry, all the instructions for every step are here. But realize that before you can start printing, you must coordinate the effort between the hospital and the makers.

Once you have a single point of contact for both, start up your facebook pages and add every maker in the local area. Then start saving yourselves.


First, look for an existing team in your area. If you can’t find one, contact your local hospital supply chain director, who would know whether one exists or not. If it doesn’t, begin the steps to starting a new one.


For general inquiries:

[email protected]

For 3D printing help:

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For engineering guidance or suggestions:

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For all media inquiries:

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