We are a team of 200+ experts, ranging from doctors to engineers, scientists to tailors, makers to managers, working on solutions to the Personal Protective Equipment and medical device shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.



Working directly with the local hospital system, we rapidly prototype solutions that can be made in close proximity to each hospital around the country and world.

Each project has one engineering/manufacturing lead, and one medical lead. Their close communication allows for many iterations a week, and sometimes multiple in a day.

The products and designs are all driven based on a need at the healthcare level, with requirements provided by the doctors themselves.


The Covid Skunkworks team began their efforts on Sunday, March 22nd, in Southern Oregon, when an engineer reached out to the local hospital to offer help with manufacturing ventilator parts. The hospital approved of the effort, so by 4:30 pm Monday evening, 35 local experts and doctors were on a conference call learning straight from the hospital what the needs were.


The team organized using slack.com software, and created separate channels for each product that needed support. The initial needs were face shields, n95 masks, iso masks, iso gowns, and ventilator manifolds. The group chose team leads to begin each effort, and by the next morning, 3d printers around the valley were ramping up production of prototypes. Parts were delivered to doctors that very day, and immediate approvals have allowed face shields to begin production right away.