While these project files and instructions may be exciting, actual implementation of the manufacturing effort must be highly organized. To ensure that nobody reinvents the wheel, here are the recommended workflows and structures. Also, other than for pickup and delivery, nobody should meet in person. We recommend zoom.us, hangouts.google.com, or meet.google.com for video conferencing the initial organization. 


Getting Started

The following links are useful guidelines to getting started with filling the distribution needs of your team. The first is an organizational best practices guideline. The second is a template for communicating with your drivers or transporters.


The distribution network will require a team of drivers and a team of people in charge of dispatching the drivers and maintaining the communication between supplier and consumer. Below are some documents that outline how Covid SkunkWorks of Southern Oregon has organized our distribution network. 

Other Useful Documents

These documents are intended to add greater clarity and organizational techniques to your distribution team.