An iso mask is a face mask used by the medical community that helps prevent the
spread of airborne particulates from entering mucous membranes in the face.

Airborne bacteria and viruses can be spread from person to person via these mucous
membranes and infect doctors and nurses dealing with patients who have diseases.



The Instructable link is a d.i.y. mask that was made by a nurse that can be made with a sewing machine and easy to access materials.

The Sewing Pattern link is a .pdf pattern of mask that was made by a member of the Covid SkunkWorks group and is able to be freely distributed.


The CDC recommends laundering homemade face masks regularly depending on use. Soap and other liquid detergents are quite effective at inactivating all kinds of viruses, particularly with the long exposure times and agitation provided by a standard laundry machine washing and rinsing cycle. Additionally the heat from a dryer cycle can also kill the virus provided it reaches 133 degrees Fahrenheit. 


These masks can be reused after routine washing and drying. Be aware of any damage to the mask and discard if damage occurs.