Ventilator ManifoldS

In response to the COVID19 outbreak, ThrivalTech has teamed up the the COVID Skunkworks Group in southern Oregon and designed a multi-port manifold for the Avea Part #: 32029-001 from Vyaire.


This manifold is meant to allow up to 6 patients to use a single ventilator vs a single patient per ventilator.

This should only be used in a hospital setting, by trained experts, who understand the dangers of putting multiple patients on a single ventilator, and only as a last resort.




This instructable features the ThrivalTech manifold 3D print instructions and other related instructions on how to make one yourself.


There are many sanitization techniques, but SkunkWorks recommends a bath of Isopropanol (IPA) at 75 % concentration for 5 minutes. This link will take you to a page with other effective sanitization techniques. 


Provided effective sanitization procedures are followed, this device should be re-usable if it is free of defects, cracks, or tears.