We have been working for weeks to test and prove products and manufacturing methods that will allow communities to create safe and effective Personal Protective Equipment and life-saving medical devices. All instructions are provided “as-is”, and each hospital will need to do their due diligence to verify the effectiveness of any products that are made using these methods. We provide no guarantees and accept no liability for your use of these instructions. We have done our best, following good samaritan practices, to ensure that these instructions are the best they can be, and we have used them to create products that are being used in our local healthcare facilities.  


Face shields are a clear plastic barrier that a user wears in front of his or her face to prevent fluid droplets from reaching their face.

Having a face shield can serve as an extra layer of protection on top of iso masks. Face shields are also easier to clean and disinfect than an iso mask. 


An iso mask is a face mask used by the medical community that helps prevent the
spread of airborne particulates from entering mucous membranes in the face.

Airborne bacteria and viruses can be spread from person to person via these mucous
membranes and infect doctors and nurses dealing with patients who have diseases.


In response to the COVID19 outbreak, ThrivalTech has teamed up the the COVID Skunkworks Group in southern Oregon and designed a multi-port manifold for the Avea Part #: 32029-001 from Vyaire. This manifold is meant to allow up to 6 patients to use a single ventilator vs a single patient per ventilator.

This should only be used in a hospital setting, by trained experts, who understand the dangers of putting multiple patients on a single ventilator, and only as a last resort.


Iso gowns are medical gowns designed to reduce airborne particulates or fluids from reaching the medical professional’s clothes. They are used as a single use barrier. Iso gowns are an effective PPE to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases by helping prevent the spread of particulates and fluids from attaching to medical professional’s clothing.